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Saturday, June 19, 2004

For more information about how you can help Harbourview Manor, Mary's Harbour, Labrador

- the first personal care home - contact
Elaine Rumbolt: tel.(001)709 9216440 email: rumboltelaine@nf.aibn.com
Letter of Appeal
Battle Harbour Assisted Living Corporation
P.O. Box 153
Mary's Harbour, NL, AOK 3PO
For more information contact:
Elaine Rumbolt, Executive Director
(709) 921-6440
Mary's Harbour- July 03, 2003 -This letter goes out to people who have connections to the Southeast coast of Labrador. Perhaps you were born here and have moved away, or you worked here, or you have roots here. Please take the time to read this; we have enclosed a teabag so you can have a cup of tea while you read.
The Battle Harbour Assisted Living Corporation was formed in 1997, to address the serious issue of the lack of residential care for seniors and others requiring personal care in this area of Labrador. Traditionally these people have had to leave their home community and relocate hundreds of miles to access the care they needed. This is very upsetting for them and their loved ones, as travelling to visit them is very expensive. Imagine living all your life here, in a small community, then when you are unable to look after yourself you have to move far away to an unfamiliar place to be cared for bv strangers. It is a very sad time when this happens, for the person, other family members and the whole community.
After intensive lobbying for many years, our committee has finally raised 1.46 million to construct a 20 bed personal care home in Mary's Harbour. This home will be accessible to all communities from-Paradise, River in the north to Lodge Bay in the south. Construction started in May 2003, with an anticipated completion date of November, 2003.
"Harbourview Manor" needs your help. We have to raise an additional $80, 000.00 to furnish the facility. All communities are being asked to help in this effort. We only have 5 months to do this and small communities can only raise so much. We would also like to include you in this fundraising effort, as you have connections, whether past or present, to the region. Please consider our worthwhile cause, and if you feel like giving a donation you will be instrumental in changing the lives of our seniors.
All donations are tax deductible. We have enclosed a stamped addressed envelope for your convenience. While you drink- your cup of tea, take the time to pause and think- of the kindness that may have been bestowed upon you by the people of this great area and the wonderful memories you have. All checks or money orders are to be, made payable to the Battle Harbour Assisted Living Corporation.