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Saturday, June 19, 2004

From 1-3 August 2003, the vso in Labrador get together was a sensational success:

Over the weekend of August 1st, 2003 a group of 18 V.S.O. returned volunteers from Labrador 1960 to 71 plus spouses, partners, and Chris Walker the V.S.O. representative, making about 30 in all not forgetting a couple of Labrador dogs met for the first time at Pateley Bridge, North Yorkshire, U. K. We arrived from different parts of the world, Newfoundland, British Columbia and the UK.
The Get - Together was sensational. Old friends were reunited and many new friendships were born. The bond between us all was incredible. It was such a unique experience as it was the first time that the vast majority of us were able to share our Labrador experience with somebody who understood. Although we'd all lived in Labrador from 1960 to 71 this the first time we had ever met together as a group and exchanged our experiences. 12 of the 40 Labrador VSOs located so far either remained or returned to live permanently in Canada which says a lot about the Country’s wonderful attractions on offer.
Each person brought with them memorabilia from their year's service which we now intend to make available to the Labrador people and interested others. We're keeping in touch as a group in the first instance to ensure our collection of journals, letters, photographs, videos, audio recordings, images, artifacts and our personal recollections of our time in Labrador return to the coastal communities ("the VSO in Labrador and Friends Documentation Project"). So many of us took photographs of our pupils and of our communities and we are now pursuing how to share our memories with the people concerned. We are looking to find ways of linking up with the international work of VSO and it was very helpful that Chris Walker, the V.S.O. representative was able to share his views with us. The group is already considering where to hold its next get-together with Labrador at the top of the list if possible.
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