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Saturday, June 19, 2004


Tim Acey 69/70 Henley Harbour / Fiona Andersen (Kitwood) 69/70 Makkovik / Elizabeth Bloom (Hamer) 67/68 William's Harbour and Rexon's Cove/ Peter Bradford 67/68 Charlottetown / Maggie Brett (Kitt) 68/69 Hopedale/ Linda Budden (Addy)65/66 Makkovik / Susan Burd 67/68 Nain / Pamela Clark (Longbone) 67/68 Rigolet / Revd. Andrew Clements 67/68 Henley Harbour / Verity Conner (Styche) 68/69 George's Cove and Port Hope Simpson / Dr. Paul Cox 66/67 Hopedale/ Kevin Crossley 67/68 Hopedale/ Martyn Davy68/69 Henley Harbour Richard Gamble 68/69 Cape St. Charles/ Richard Gauntlett 67/68 Hopedale/ Dr. Mark Hayllar 68/69 Mud Lake/ Christopher Haynes 69/70 Cape St. Charles and Lodge Bay/ Dr. Jim Hiller 61/62 Nain/ Michael Hollis 68/69 Cartwright/ Nancy Johnson (Buchan) deceased Hopedale 68/69 / Sandra Johnson (Crutchley) 68/69 Nain / Richard Kilburn 68/69 Hopedale/ Jones(Knight) 65/66 Makkovik / Nina Lewis (Shiels) 69-71 Hopedale / Geoff Liggins 68/69 Pinsent's Arm / Jean Lyall (Eldon)67-69 Nain / Enid MacNeil (Gardner) 66/67 Makkovik / Elizabeth Ollier (Wright) 67/68 Cartwright / Eric Pearson 67/68 Makkovik/ Jo Pearson (Read) 68/69 Fox Harbour/ John Penny 65/66 Nain / Anna Pollock (Neighbour) 67/68 Hopedale Hilary / Ernie Llewelyn Pritchard 69/70 Port Hope Simpson; Sheila Ruckley (Hinchcliffe)67/68 Port Hope Simpson/ Roland Scott Paradise River, Cartwright 68/69/ Pete Smart 69/70 George's Cove and Port Hope Simpson/ Gus Stafford-Allen 66/67 Hopedale / Patricia Taylor 66/67 Nain/ Ursie Thomas (Eden) 68/69 Mary's Harbour / Stella Val (Sulston)67/68 Cartwright / Sandra Wheeler (Smith) 66/67 Hopedale Tudor Williams 68/69 Rigolet/ David Worn 68/69 Makkovik Matthew Young 62/63 Nain

It was Bill Rompkey's great idea! Here is what he has written:

The trans Atlantic relationship is old. For centuries people from the Old World crossed to the new, some for a time, some forever. During the late 18th and early 19th centuries those who came to serve were mostly missionaries and clergy. During the 20th century a series of volunteer organizations headed to Newfoundland and Labrador for both service and adventure. Sir Wilfred Grenfell, through his own charisma and his tales of need in a harshly beautiful land, attracted WOPS (Without Pay) to Labrador. On a smaller scale so did Rev. Bob Bryan with the Quebec-Labrador Mission Foundation in New England. Still later the Company of Young Canadians sent young people to fertile fields of service. VSO is in that vein and part of that culture.
With modern schools and teacher residences Labrador now can seek and hold professionals much better than it could. But in the 1960s and 70s it was a challenge to fill all coastal classrooms with teachers who were more than caretakers. Once more Britons reached across the North Atlantic to lend a hand to territories that still had unfulfilled needs. Rev. Bill Peacock, Superintendent of Moravian Missions, which has served Labrador for 250 years, sent out the call to come. And it was answered in the 1950s and 60s by scores of bright and boisterous British young people, most with good quality grammar school A levels. They had, in the words of Niebuhr, the serenity to accept the things they could not change, the courage to change the things they could, and the wisdom to know the difference. And they had fun. Although I did not initiate VSO, I certainly encouraged it and welcomed it. And they were, to paraphrase Tennyson, a part of all that they met. They threw themselves not only into the schools but into the communities. And they took from Labrador as they gave. They took hunting and fishing and trekking and canoeing and skidooing or simply having a yarn or a mugup with some lithe and tanned nomad of the near north.
Some of them stayed and are still making unusual contributions to Labrador and to Newfoundland. But I know that all of them carry a little bit of Labrador in their hearts and that they still cherish that time and that place. And those of us who remember also know that when they left Labrador communities were a little better than when they came. And isnt that what life is about: leaving the world a little better than you found it. I remember.
I salute them.

The Story of Labrador by Bill Rompkey
An intimate look at the history of the land and people of Labrador.
Cloth 0773525742
Release date: 2003-09-30 CA $29.95 | US $29.95 | UK £22.95 6 x 9 224pp 24 photographs Subjects: History:Canadian
The world's richest nickel mine at Voisey's Bay is just the latest important natural resource discovery in Labrador's history. Thousands of years ago, near the same Voisey's Bay, the aboriginal peoples traded an equally choice stone, Ramah chert. The Story of Labrador is the story of the Innu caribou hunters, of the Inuit people of the seal, of French fishermen and Basque whalers, of traders, of absentee governors, of settlers, and of the fight for life in a harshly beautiful land. It is the story of the coming of the industrial machine and the great air base at Goose Bay. It is the story of great Canadian construction projects: the Quebec North Shore and Labrador Railway, the rich iron ore operations at Labrador City and Wabush, and, in its time the largest hydro project in the world, Churchill Falls.
Bill Rompkey describes an emerging giant of the near north with all its racial, geographical, political, and social history. Using original research, including personal interviews, and his forty-year association with Labrador, Rompkey tells the story of Labrador's people, aboriginal and non-aboriginal alike. Above all, The Story of Labrador is the story of Newfoundland and Labrador, two uneasy stepsisters, each with its own strong identity, trying to share a common house.
Review quotes
"An ambitious undertaking that mixes history with personal observation. Few could match Senator Rompkey's knowledge of Labrador, and it is wonderful to have his account of the region. He makes trenchant observations on the important subject of Newfoundland-Labrador relations, and provides a rich and admirable commentary on the history of the First Nations communities of Labrador." Peter Neary, Faculty of Social Science, The University of Western Ontario. "Rompkey offers a concise and readable review of aspects of Labrador's pre-Confederation past. He provides a view of the post-Confederation issues of governance and economic development that is all the more interesting because it comes from an author with considerable personal experience in these areas." John G. Reid, Department of History, Saint Mary's University.
Bill Rompkey was a teacher, principal, school superintendent, and civil servant in Newfoundland/Labrador before his election to the House of Commons in 1972 and his appointment to the Senate in 1995, where he still holds office.
Source: McGill-Queen's University Press, http://www.mqup.mcgill.ca/index.php

From 1-3 August 2003, the vso in Labrador get together was a sensational success:

Over the weekend of August 1st, 2003 a group of 18 V.S.O. returned volunteers from Labrador 1960 to 71 plus spouses, partners, and Chris Walker the V.S.O. representative, making about 30 in all not forgetting a couple of Labrador dogs met for the first time at Pateley Bridge, North Yorkshire, U. K. We arrived from different parts of the world, Newfoundland, British Columbia and the UK.
The Get - Together was sensational. Old friends were reunited and many new friendships were born. The bond between us all was incredible. It was such a unique experience as it was the first time that the vast majority of us were able to share our Labrador experience with somebody who understood. Although we'd all lived in Labrador from 1960 to 71 this the first time we had ever met together as a group and exchanged our experiences. 12 of the 40 Labrador VSOs located so far either remained or returned to live permanently in Canada which says a lot about the Country’s wonderful attractions on offer.
Each person brought with them memorabilia from their year's service which we now intend to make available to the Labrador people and interested others. We're keeping in touch as a group in the first instance to ensure our collection of journals, letters, photographs, videos, audio recordings, images, artifacts and our personal recollections of our time in Labrador return to the coastal communities ("the VSO in Labrador and Friends Documentation Project"). So many of us took photographs of our pupils and of our communities and we are now pursuing how to share our memories with the people concerned. We are looking to find ways of linking up with the international work of VSO and it was very helpful that Chris Walker, the V.S.O. representative was able to share his views with us. The group is already considering where to hold its next get-together with Labrador at the top of the list if possible.
For further information please contact:
llewelyn@pritchard-bristol.freeserve.co.uk Telephone: 44 (0)1454610050 or
Geoffrey Liggins geoffliggins@supanet.com telephone: 44(0) 1423711244

A lifetime,VSO Labrador Snail Award could be yours by simply joining the hunt for the snails!

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If your assistance leads to one of the VSO Labrador Snails being found you will gain a Lifetime Honourary VSO Labrador Snail award! (A rare thing indeed.)
latest awards: Sir James Scott,Rotherfield Park Estate, Hampshire, England; The Unknown Secretary at General Enquiries Alton College,Hampshire,England;Rita Gibbs,The Archivist Harrow School;Fiona, Devon Public Records Office, Exeter; Anita and Chester Long;Newfoundland Teachers' Asociation; SundayMercury@mrn.co.uk ; eveningmail@mrn.co.uk ; birmingham_news@mrn.co.uk ; post.letters@mrn.co.uk Mike Haynes, Birmingham;

For more information about how you can help Harbourview Manor, Mary's Harbour, Labrador

- the first personal care home - contact
Elaine Rumbolt: tel.(001)709 9216440 email: rumboltelaine@nf.aibn.com
Letter of Appeal
Battle Harbour Assisted Living Corporation
P.O. Box 153
Mary's Harbour, NL, AOK 3PO
For more information contact:
Elaine Rumbolt, Executive Director
(709) 921-6440
Mary's Harbour- July 03, 2003 -This letter goes out to people who have connections to the Southeast coast of Labrador. Perhaps you were born here and have moved away, or you worked here, or you have roots here. Please take the time to read this; we have enclosed a teabag so you can have a cup of tea while you read.
The Battle Harbour Assisted Living Corporation was formed in 1997, to address the serious issue of the lack of residential care for seniors and others requiring personal care in this area of Labrador. Traditionally these people have had to leave their home community and relocate hundreds of miles to access the care they needed. This is very upsetting for them and their loved ones, as travelling to visit them is very expensive. Imagine living all your life here, in a small community, then when you are unable to look after yourself you have to move far away to an unfamiliar place to be cared for bv strangers. It is a very sad time when this happens, for the person, other family members and the whole community.
After intensive lobbying for many years, our committee has finally raised 1.46 million to construct a 20 bed personal care home in Mary's Harbour. This home will be accessible to all communities from-Paradise, River in the north to Lodge Bay in the south. Construction started in May 2003, with an anticipated completion date of November, 2003.
"Harbourview Manor" needs your help. We have to raise an additional $80, 000.00 to furnish the facility. All communities are being asked to help in this effort. We only have 5 months to do this and small communities can only raise so much. We would also like to include you in this fundraising effort, as you have connections, whether past or present, to the region. Please consider our worthwhile cause, and if you feel like giving a donation you will be instrumental in changing the lives of our seniors.
All donations are tax deductible. We have enclosed a stamped addressed envelope for your convenience. While you drink- your cup of tea, take the time to pause and think- of the kindness that may have been bestowed upon you by the people of this great area and the wonderful memories you have. All checks or money orders are to be, made payable to the Battle Harbour Assisted Living Corporation.

Contact Dr. Tim Borlase, Director, The Labrador Institute, Memorial University of Labrador & Newfoundland and Links

to donate your materials for the vso documentation project:

URL.biz - Living History




http://porthopesimpsonsdevelopment.blogspot.comincluding ORAL HISTORY as recalled by Mrs. Kathleen Mina Squire (formerly James, known as Bunty James) interviewee, who lived in Port Hope Simpson in 1935 as a guest of her life-long friend, Katie Doreen Williams, daughter of J. O. Williams. Interviewed by Llewelyn Pritchard in the company of John (grandson of J.O. Williams) and Sheila Illsley;11 January 2003

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